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First infos about age simulation

Erklärendes Bild zu den Alterseinschränkungen

Old age simulation is used to let younger persons experience the world of the elderly. This is of interest for all who have to do with the elder people. The age suits are used by universities and schools to educate young medical professionals, by architects and townships to explore buildings for accessability, by product designers to access usability, and by fine hotels to improve their service.

An SD&C age suit artificially increases the functional age of a person by simulating the biological deteriorations shown in the picture. The age suits are constructed to explore the age span from 50 to 100 years. They simulate the deteriorations of vision, hearing, tactile feeling, movability and strength as they go along with the biological aging process. The SD&C Senior Suit Beta simulates 21 different effects of aging.

The simulation is based on the known ergonomic curves of functional deterioration as presented in the international standard ISO 20282. Depending on the actual age and fitness of a person, the simulation effect will be stronger or weaker, and adjustments of the simulative elements allow increasing or decreasing intensities.

Wearing an age suit does not cause physical pain, but will allow experiences not possible by theoretical education.

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