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Events and presentations with age simulation

SD&C Age Suit 2011

Speeches and presentations with age simulation can be placed within a conference, congress, or meeting to add a realistic or entertaining element. The presentation can be adjusted to a given topic, it can focus on demographic change, the performance limitations of the elderly, on the ergonomic requirements of workplace or product design for senior citizens. After the presentation the participants can experience being old themselves with a modern SD&C age simulation suit.

Bild von Dr. Schoeffel Speeches and presentations are given by the founder of SD&C, Dr. Schoeffel, himself. Having worked as the chief ergonomist for the German Navy and for Siemens Design, he has been named Germanys most regarded ergonomist. Realizing usable products for the elderly has been on his focus for many years. His speeches are not only educative, but also entertaining. Presentainments with age simulation included can be booked in German or English, translations in further languages are available.

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